Monday, September 15, 2014

Get your Fall Cleaning Started

We all know what "Spring Cleaning" may entail, but what about "Fall Cleaning?" Every season you really should perform a deep clean inside and outside your home. It's a good way to purge junk too! Personally, in the colder months I work on cleaning and organizing my basement. There's not much to do outside, so I might has well work on the inside!

The colder months bring all sorts of things to a property; cobwebs, mice, frozen pipes, etc. Preparing in September will help you enjoy Fall so more much!

Replace your window and door screens with storm windows.

Check for drafts and seal them up- replace weather stripping & caulk around doors and windows.

Clean out your pantry: Throw out spices and herbs more than 6 months old or no longer fragrent & stock up on staples such as flour and sugar.

Get your heating system checked & tuned up. Also, remember to change your filter (which I know you do every 1-2 months anyway!)

Remove garden hose from outdoor faucets. Leaving them attached could cause water back up in pipes and potential freezing. 

Prune Plants at least 3 feet from your home and wires. This is so moisture won't drip onto roof or siding and prevent damage in high winds. 

Clean and store away patio furniture.

Check and clean out the gutters and downspouts.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy End to the Spring Market

According to, for the first time in 3 years we had price appreciation and inventory increases. This is not only a national trend, it's a local trend in Philadelphia area too. I saw first hand the slow start to the year and then it pick up again once the snow melted!
Here's a snippet from the article:

Montgomery County had a 6.92% decrease in closed units as of July 2014 compared to same timeframe last year, but a 1.24% increase in sale price.
Philadelphia County had a 7.03% decreased in closed units so far, but a 4.49% increase in sale price.
Year to date sales are slightly lower than last year, but again a lot has to do with the slow start. July pending sales are higher than last July so I feel we'll end up similar to 2013.
Berks County had only a 2.22% decrease in closes units and 2.50% increase in sale  price. Personally, I've done more deals in Berks county this year than previous years so this makes sense to me!

This is all county data, we must narrow is down to towns for even more accurate information. Are you curious what's happening in your area, neighborhood or county? Email me and I would be happy to send you the stats.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Eagleville, PA

Do you how "Ville" at the end of town names started? Ville" is the modern French word of Latin origin now meaning "city" or "town", but the first meaning in the middle-ages was "farm" and then "village". The derivative suffix -ville is commonly used in English in names of cities, towns and villages. (courtesy of wiki)

One of our local "Ville" towns is Eagleville, PA.  The town is a 1.6 square mile section of Lower Providence Township.  It's with in the Methcaton School District, which according to, ranks 32nd out of 458 districts in PA! See School Rating Here

Eagleville is a super convenient location. You're within minutes to Collegeville shopping center on route 29, Audubon and Oaks major shopping centers and entertainment (i.e. Arnolds, Sky Zone, movies, etc) and walking distance to parks, stores and restaurants. Evansburg State Park is a very short distance away too and is a beautiful setting for a Saturday morning hike, bike ride or fishing. You can also hunt, camp and horseback ride! 
Learn more about the city statistics below:

Last week I listed a home for sale in Eagleville. It's one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Methcaton Schools and is in move-in ready condition!
This is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath town home asking $172,500. It has hardwood flooring, updated kitchen, custom made closets and a private fenced in backyard. See more photos and information below!