Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Want to live Near the city but not IN the city? Here's a solution

The development going on in Manayunk and Roxborough is a positive sign of the economy and the growth of the town. People have a desire to be close to the city and all it's activities, but not necessarily in the heart of it. These two adjacent towns are the ideal compromise!

The dividing line between 19127 & 19128 is vague in some parts. Most people refer to the area as "Manayunk" however, most people actually live in "Roxborough." Both convenient, yet slightly different. Having lived in both towns, personally I prefer the less congestion found in Roxborough, above Manayunk Ave. Totally a personal preference though :)

Here is my newest listing in Roxborough

Top 10 Things About Living @ 383 Leverington

1. Easily get in and out of Manayunk
2. Parking is less competitive due to no homes on the other side of the street
3. Walk to Roxborough High School track for an outdoor work out!
4. Still has the charm of an older home, yet very updated- inside and out
5. Backyard is perfect for entertaining on warm nights
6. Walking distance to Ridge Ave or Main Street. Or don't go that far and walk to Adobe Cafe. YUM (vegan friendly too!)
7. Plenty of space to grow or have a roommate in the 4 bedrooms
8. Walk your dog to Gorgas park or participate in their movie nights!
9. Right in the middle of Wissahickon Park or head down to the Tow Path and connect to Schuylkill Trail.
10. A 15 minute drive into the city or 20 minute train with a lower priced home and more space.

If you'd like additional information about this home or area, please contact me. I'm here to help!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Vegan in and around Philly

Last week was my birthday and this month marks the year anniversary that I began the journey of vegan living. What do these two things have in common? Birthday dinner at Thai L'Elphant' in Phoenixville, PA!

I don't know if you recall, but last year the Philly region had some major winter storms. This resulted in slow business for my husband and I so we started to catch up on some Netflix documentaries. Long story short, I became vegan. It wasn't cold turkey, it was a transition.  And even my husband started the transition with me! (note the word- started). It's been an amazing journey and I plan to stick with it for the rest of my life.

One of the "down sides" about being animal free is eating out. I LOVE eating out. I LOVE food and trying new places. Going out has not been as enjoyable over the last year since I'm limited to salads, fries and sometimes vegetable sandwiches- which I'm sure in reality aren't even vegan. So imagine my joy when my husband and a couple friend of ours (vegetarian too which is helpful) took me out to Thai L'Eplant' which has a 2 page vegan menu!  I was happily overwhelmed with options to choose from!

Here's just a little snippet of their menu:

On top of the number of options, my food was actually good! Looking forward to going back soon :)

One of the fun things about changing your diet is you get to explore new places and new menu items. So needless to say, we still actually do go out a fair amount, but our choices are limited.

Phoenixville has grown so much over the years. They have such a diverse dining and bar scene which is probably why it just keeps getting built up and more in demand!

If you're looking to move to Phoenixville or maybe buy an investment (because that is certainly in demand right now too!)- here is a great house that is currently for sale. Check out the virtual tour:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Mortgage News!

Home insuranceIf you haven't bought a house in the last 5-10 years, you may not realize the costs involved having an FHA mortgage. You may know that whenever a buyer puts less than 20% down, the lender requires an extra monthly insurance cost. FHA loans require another additional monthly mortgage insurance (PMI)- so you can obtain a loan with as little as 3.5% down, but you're monthly payments can be quite high. A few years ago they RAISED their MI from .55% to 1.35% which was HUGE burden for some buyers. Now they decreased to .85%! This decrease is making a FHA mortgage a smart option for home buyers again. Here is an article with more details:

There other new and updated mortgage options too! 3% down, PFHA, 20% down options for investors and much more!
If you're looking to buy this year, it's never too early to speak with a professional and learn about financing options that fit your needs. Contact me today and I can refer you to some amazing, educated and dependable lenders!