Friday, October 14, 2016

Roxborough Living

There are so many things to love about Roxborough, PA! Starting with the convenience to Philadelphia all the way to the charm and history right on Ridge Pike. I lived in Roxborough for about 4 years and continue to help clients buy and sell (and rent!) in the neighborhood. 
Here is my most recent listing in the neighborhood- 332 Fountain St. Philadelphia, PA 19128

If you're looking for a home where you can walk to things- check out WalkScore! 
Walk to parks, schools, restaurants, stores- you name it!

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall into Home Savings this Autumn

Think Spring is the best time to move? Think again!

According to a recent NerdWallet analysis, sale prices fall an average of approximately 3% from September to November! 

In addition to the price incentive, the fall tends to have less buyer competition and longer days on market. Which means you may have more leverage when negotiating terms and contingencies. 

Thirdly, interest rates are still super low! And who knows how long that will last... "Mortgage interest rates, additionally, remain low—though the Federal Reserve hinted at a benchmark rate hike this December."

Here are more details from the NerdWallet study:

**Pssst Can you wait a little longer? January or February, when homes cost 8.45% less on average than in June through August.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Crucial 1st step when buying a Home

The definition of a process is; a systematic series of actions directed to some end. 
The home buying process has many actions, all important to obtain the end goal of buying a home. 
One of the first and crucial actions in the home buying process is to get pre-approved from a mortgage lender. Yet, many put this off. Why? I've heard many reasons; I know what I can afford, I don't want my credit score to go down, I know my credit is great, I'm afraid, I don't know any, etc. 

I follow the LighterSide of Real Estate on Facebook and the other day I saw the picture to the left which made me think to write this blog today.
The pre-approval is essential and makes sense!
Why? Here are just a few reasons:

1. You'll have a clear understanding of what it costs to buy. From closing costs, title fees, current interest rates and down payment options. You can estimate online, but those are general. Every state and even city has different transfer taxes and interest rates do fluctuate based on credit scores.
2. You'll get updated credit report. How often do you check your credit report? Most people rarely look at their full report. What if there is something on there that has reduced your score and you had no idea!? This unfortunately happens more often than you think. Plus, mortgage lenders use a different credit score system. So that FICO score you get every month from your bank, may be different from what the bank gets.
3. You can not submit an offer on a home without a pre-approval letter! I think that's the biggest reason of all... what's the point of looking if you can't buy!
4. You'll know what you can afford. Maybe you can afford more than you think. Or maybe less. If you're looking at homes for $225,000 just based on your own calculations, maybe you could actually afford up to $275,000! That extra $50,000 could get you another bedroom or larger backyard you wanted.

If you're goal is to buy a home, you must take the necessary steps. Having the right team- Realtor and Lender- will make the process less scary and more fun!
Kelly Steyn, Realtor® SRES
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RE License: PA-RS306853 NJ-1109349

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